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"Give Daddy Some Sugah!" and "Will someone please find a planet for me to discover!" Captain Smek from the upcoming movie in March 2015 "Home" by Dreamworks is based on the book: The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex.
Here's Captain Smek (voiced by Steve Martin) and Oh who will be listed soon (voiced by Jim Parsons) who are two of the starring Boovs, the alien invading race from outer space.
Created from 4 ply acrylic yarn and felt. This is the first doll in this collection for me to create based on this upcoming movie.
You’ll discover these are great for gifts and items for resell.
So it’s my sincerest hope you will enjoy this pattern and use your creativity to make something totally unique for yourself.
Appears we are at it again at Comedy Crochet and here's another addition to our family of patterns that you can easily make in no time.
I've created some cute patterns with today's crochet artist in mind. Yes, we are all crochet artists as we bring back the art of crochet out of victorian times to the 21st century. Well, everything eventually comes back into style someday and crochet is no less the old fashion medium that's catching on today's hot fashion trends. From mermaid play wear to practical old fashion kitchen trivets to tea cozies crochet is becoming the go to craft and artsy fartsy medium for today's novice to advanced crafters. From amigurimi playful items to useful bedspreads, towels and kitchen pot holders Comedy Crochet offers all types of patterns for the crocheting enthusiasts. Crocheting is also theraputic and relaxing and exercises the mind, hand and eye coordination. I personally find crocheting calming and stimulating to the soul. Such, fun is to gather a group of crochet artist friends for a gathering of drinks and merry-making of lap projects while sharing tidbits of news, gossip and good old fashion advice . You're sure to love this incredibly fun collection of crochet pattrns.
So have fun as you discover patterns created by Comedy Crochet and come back to find more patterns that we will offer in the very near future.

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