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Two billionaire rivals and the woman who stands between them...

Cara Ross is the manager of a non-profit ranch specializing in horse rescues. When she attends a fancy New York fundraiser, she meets the sexy James Lebray and the handsome Deacon Frost. Both men are interested in becoming donors, so Cara invites them to the ranch for a tour, and things only heat up from there. But Cara's self-doubt haunts her. She's not rich, not famous, and she certainly can't fit into any of those size-zero dresses that the New York models wear. So why would two scorching-hot billionaires be interested in a plus-sized girl more comfortable wearing jeans and rescuing horses? And why does she suddenly feel like a prize they're battling each other to win—and she's cheering for them both

Deacon Frost has been wildly successful since leaving the military and starting his company years ago. These days, the biggest thorn in his side is billionaire James Lebray, a competitor who's as driven to win as he is handsome. James Lebray is a man who smiles too much and looks too good doing it—and he's a problem. Not only is James locked in a bidding war with Deacon for a company they each want for very different reasons, but he's also moving in on the fascinating Cara Ross. And Deacon isn't going to let her go without a fight. 

James always plays to win. Cara's a pretty puzzle that immediately fascinates him, but his biggest rival, Deacon Frost, is clearly interested in the curvy woman too. Normally, James would be confident in his chances to win Cara's heart, but he's always had a thing for Deacon. The man is drop-dead gorgeous, and that alpha military bearing of his has sparked many a fantasy. Clearly, the only thing a sane man can do is kiss the guy and see what happens. He intends to win both Cara and Deacon. But emotions run hot and competition runs deep, threatening any chance the three of them have at happiness. Can enemies truly become lovers? Cara might be the one who bound them together, but will she be the thing that forever drives them apart?

Reader note: contains MMF menage, BBW and billionaires, hot romance elements, enemies to lovers, male male love, and a happily ever after

29. Juli
Etopia Press

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