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Christian Suspense series book 14 of 20 by a USA Today Bestselling & Award winning author.

The search for the dangerous Hunter begins, and he proves to be just as elusive as ever. Will Ladi be safe tracking him down? Or will she get caught or killed?

SSPD detective Ladi Zoe was sure the dangerous mission to uncover the identity of the Hunter would be the end of her. Living under the constant fear of being outed, while performing duties that made serious criminal behavior seem elementary, she survived purely on the hope that her mission will be successful—and she will find out who the Hunter was.

However, when she is assigned to a deadly mission which threatened the life of the man she'd secretly fallen in love with—Hughes Martinez, Officer Angel Martinez's baby brother whom she’d rescued—she is faced with the choice to save his life yet again and risk her own in addition to being unmasked.

Will she choose to stay undercover and let him die to get the Hunter or will she accept for her cover to be blown, risk her own life all to save the life of the man she loved—who didn’t know she loved him? 

Courageous is Book Fourteen in The New Rulebook & Pete Zendel Christian Suspense series. Read now.

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