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Falling in love with a seductress can be a hell of an experience. The author describes an eighteen-month-long affair he had with a married seductress, an experience that sucked the very life out of him. It was like taking a ride on an emotional roller coaster. When the initial high wore off, he experienced every negative emotion, including anxiety and depression. Throughout this period of time, he lived in a very dark world, serving this evil seductress and her father the devil. He realized that he had to separate himself completely from this woman, but every time he tried, he felt captivated and trapped by the evil charm of this narcissistic egomaniac. The author describes how the affair got started and how it progressed into an obsession that possessed him. However, the best part of the whole story is the truth that good always triumphs over evil. When righteous people cry out to their God for deliverance, He always shows up. Through the author’s prayers and faith in his Savior Jesus Christ, he was delivered from this emissary of Satan. His heart and mind became unshackled. Since his deliverance from this woman, the author has been enjoying great peace and joy in his life. The author wants you to read this book. While it is a great read for everyone, young men in particular can benefit from the author’s experience. The author outlines the character traits of a seductress, based on the observations that he made of this seductress throughout the time that he was with her. A very good feature of the book is the Lessons Learned chapter. Here, the author outlines the lessons he learned from this whole experience. Young men need to pay attention to these. This work is a celebration of victory over evil. The author believes that it was written under divine inspiration.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
24. September
Michael Lewis

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