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Islam is of major contemporary interest. It is a topic that is regularly featured in the news and is frequently a debated subject. This book is intended to provide easy reading of basic facts on Democracy and Islam as two systems of governance. These are the series:

• Democracy and Islam: Two Systems of Governance
• Evolution of the Umma and the Rise of Islam
• Muhammad `s Arabia. The Abode of the Prophet of Islam
• The Spread of the Islamic Empire from Arabia through the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Eastern and Western Europe.

This series of books provides basic information in an easy readable approach. In this book, Democracy and Islam, ideologies, principles, and governance are discussed, highlighting the principal differences and their relevance to law and order, economy, culture, and individualism. Islamic and democratic rules are explored, providing an in-depth understanding of the impact of the two types of governance. Contemporary political scenarios are discussed, providing a background on conflicts in the Middle East and enabling the readers to gauge the progress toward democratization in the nations of Middle East. The next two books explore the circumstances under which Islam was born and how it evolved into the Umma. The fourth book analyzes the forces by which Islam spread through the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Eastern and Western Europe.

Primary and secondary sources, websites by acknowledged academic authors, and media reporting current affairs have been sourced. Pursuing these enable the reader to keep abreast with current affairs. A list for further reading encourages the reader to develop a wider knowledge base and pursue a deeper understanding.

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