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Burt Laurence and his friend Alex North were looking at the universities note board. All the years' study had, at last, paid off. Both of the friends where now Doctors. Alex could you come home to our house today, we are having a celebration at home. Sure, answered Alex. My plane doesn't leave before Tuesday at noon. They both entered Burt's car, and rove the ten minutes to Burt's home. On the front lawn was a huge sign, Congrats Doctor Burt, well done. When they walked up to the front door, it flew open and Burt's Mom and Dad, together with every relative they had stood there screaming congratulation to the new Doctor. The party this Friday evening lasted too long. When it was time to go to bed, Alex slept in Burt's room. They were discussing the work offers they had received. On Monday, Burt said, I am going to contact this company here in our own town. So will I, said Alex. I received the same letter as you did. Should we phone them up Monday, or give them a call today? Let's call them tomorrow. I would like to call your parents and invite them here to our house. Yeah, that would be nice said Burt's father. I would love to see your family Alex. Burt made the call, and invited Alex parents down to the biggest party they have ever seen. As Burt's dad paid for the plane tickets, Alex parents came later in the evening, and were picked up by the entire family, including of course Alex. Another party was put together, and it became quite late this Saturday night. The following day Burt phoned up the pharmaceutical company that had offered both of them a position. We will be too busy tomorrow, why can't you come here today? asked the woman on the phone. You are both employed as oh Monday morning said this lady. But please come over, a Doctor Lind would like to have a talk with both of you. Alex explained that his mother was suffering from Hepatitis, and that would be where I start. I'm sorry, but we cannot cure any patient, said Lind. If we did, there would be no need for doctors, medication or hospitals. We have an answer to that problem answered Burt. After explaining their idea, they were both given ten thousand per month pay,

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29. Februar
Bo Widerberg

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