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Enter the supernatural mystery of "Dusty Rose" and leave haunted by a story filled with cries in the night and whispers of betrayal.

Get ready for "Dusty Rose" - the newest novel by Patricia Arnold. This haunting story of paranormal romance and possession will leave you wondering if true love is truly forever.

Cascade City is a scenic beach town with a history some would rather forget. High school sweethearts Dustin and Rose celebrate their wedding day on the dunes in 1989. Unaware of the shocking events to come, their honeymoon "stay-cation" is a house they christen Dusty Rose.

One fateful event later, the lonesome house near Lighthouse Point is left with an infamous reputation. Years pass by, adding layers of mystery like dust on woodwork. Will the real murderer ever be found?

Dusty Rose is all but forgotten until out of the blue successful gallery owner Madeline Jansen finds a home in Cascade City she can afford. Dusty Rose's new caretaker can't shake the feeling that her home isn't really hers. She dreams about Dusty Rose, beautiful, seductive and tragic. An ability Madeline knows little about turns her into a psychic medium for an angry spirit.

Haunted by memories, a handsome stranger returns to the town he left behind. His encounter with Madeline stirs memories of someone he once knew. When he finds out she's moved into Dusty Rose, he's deeply disturbed.

Can Madeline get the memories of the past to calm themselves? The stranger's obsession appears to worsen the situation, but one thing is for certain. A restless spirit seeks restitution, but from who or whom? Will Dusty Rose ever reveal her secrets and will the real killer be found?

Fiction & Literature
March 23
Patricia Arnold

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