Earth Keepers

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Humans destroyed my home thousands of years ago.

Now, they are destroying the world. It is time to stop them.


“I loved it. I read it as a strech because it is written with action and mystery continuously, and you can't stay in a chapter. It takes mythology and science fiction and mix them in an entertaining and easy-to-read style despite the multiple characters that you come to love (I almost cried with a couple of deaths) You will be surprised: there is terrorism, biotechnology, Atlantis mythology, aliens, etc. Not everything is what it seems and much of what you read will make sense in the end. If you like gender you will love this book." (Zue Dawzen) 

"For lovers of science fiction, technology, moral dilemmas about society and mythology, this is a book that they will love. The author makes an incredible combination of fantastic and realistic factors where a coherent and sustained style stands out alongside an eloquent and clear narrative. Earth Keepers makes us reflect on how the human race lacks the necessary skills to save its own planet, little by little takes us into an apocalyptic paranoia that we do not know how will end and I will not tell you. It is a novel with a lot of substance that will keep you hooked for hours. You must not miss this story, don't overlook it, you'll love it." (Linda Astwood) 

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
2. März
Jorge Alejandro Lavera