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Here you will find thought-provoking discussions regarding religion, national security, the Constitution; these are heard in the seven theses representing how history repeats itself through divisions within nations when the God who created mankind is left out. Significantly, during the past fifty years, the God who simultaneously gave us life and gave us liberty according to Jefferson is being disregarded in the most important deliberations at the highest levels of government. National Security policy discussions revolve around political considerations and short-term wins and losses which will garner the best media bias in favor of the policies promulgated and which might provide payback for past political favors and votes. The long-term ramification of those policies are not based upon biblical principles, unless the interpretation of the Bible fits what humanist politics deem appropriate for the times and in accordance with a “living Constitution” perspective. Ebenezer discusses United States’ national security from a biblical perspective through discussions regarding clandestine operations; homosexuality in the Department of Defense; terrorism; women in direct combat operations; nuclear weapons deterrence; borders, language, and culture; and National Security Strategy. Ebenezer means “stone of help.” It represents the stone erected by the prophet Samuel to commemorate and be a reminder of the Lord God’s power and protection for his people: the United States has been an Ebenezer since its founding—a stone of help to a world in need. To be Ebenezer, the United States needs a foundational stone to lean against.

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