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Sam Drake and Juliet Kruger are CIA agents attached to a Middle East division, code named Echo 10. It was their mission, to destroy Iran’s nuclear and missile technology by introducing flawed technology.
That changes when Georgy Arbatov, alias Atreus, an Israeli citizen, and ex Soviet nuclear scientist, was found to be involved in Iran’s acquiring nuclear capabilities. His plan was to recover Russian missiles and warheads from a sunken Russian submarine. Sam and Juliet discover his plan, but too late. The missiles have already been removed and transported to Iran, except for two of the warheads that have fallen into the hands of terrorists in Pakistan. Their assignment, to go to Pakistan and recover the warheads. They are successful in sabotaging those being kept in a Pakistani mosque, but find that two of the bombs, contained in the warheads, have been sold to a competing group. One of these bombs eventually ends up in San Francisco with a string of demands. However the U.S. refuses to comply, and they attempt to detonate the bomb.
A deception finally begins to unravel when the bomb failed to detonate, and it is discovered that all the warheads and missiles that the Russians have are defective. Atreus had not defected to Iran, but instead was on a mission for the Mossad to provide Iran with defective nuclear technology.
Georgy knew that the old Soviet Union had deceived the world into believing it had a viable nuclear program, but that its warheads were fake. He convinced the Israelis that placing this bad technology in the hands of Iran would set their nuclear program back by decades.

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1. Februar
Kenneth Wimer