Awakening the Sacred Human Soul

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Beschreibung des Verlags

A Divinely inspired visionary work, Embodiment can be
defi ned as a state of manifestation, integration, unifi cation, or
incarnation, all terms that may be used to describe this state of
Being, and the profound connection and relationship of the Creator and
the Creation. It is a book conceived in celebration of the awakening
of the Sacred Embodied Soul. Interpreted as written, this material is
self-evident, stimulating awareness of the evolving spiritual nature,
which provides an anchor for the Soul Lifes continuing journey.
Embodiment is a Sacred Birthing guide in its true sense, as the means
in which human existence becomes the product of the process by
which, out of Spirit, an Awakened Soul is Born. This collection of
writings was crafted for all who seek the answers to Lifes origins
supporting the eternal mothering aspects of the Human Soul, by
adding personal refl ective insights into understanding this enlightened
connection that leads to true Soul Self-Awareness.
Embodiment challenges and expands the human intelligence to
investigate, in a spiritual perspective, that which has its origins in
the archives of human history and folklore. The keys to unlock these
spiritual truths are found in the presence of the intangible Sacred
Essence that emanates a refl ection of the Creators Heart of Love
and Sustenance, which presents itself within the Human Souls Life
Experience. To this quest the author has taken up the Banner of Faith
and Trust in the ultimate search to discover an immortal connection
between the Human Soul and its Divine Source.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
5. September