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Lion, bear, and wolf shifters and their mates heat up the pages in these swoonworthy romances. From crime bosses with hidden agendas to evil doers with plans for a shifter types and brave and curvy women who are ready for their mates, the stories in this series will melt your heart.

A lion shifter.
In a clan of shifters, the lions are considered most powerful and respected. Jace is headstrong, willful, has fun with women but doesn't see the big rush to find a mate. His father lays it on the line: If he's to head the clan one day, he needs to find his bride. He resents being told what to do.
A desperate hottie.
Gemma's got her own set of problems, and saving Jace from a group that collects shifters for sport and research shouldn't be one of those problems. So what made it her problem?
A mutual problem and raging hormones.

A tiger shifter.
Levi just wanted to have a good time. Or so he thought. A sex club for shifters. What could go wrong?
A frantic hottie.
Becca shouldn't have taken the job. Never let desperation guide your decisions, right? Wrong.
Sometimes one wrong move can lead to all the right things. Or can it?
Now she's frantic to escape the sex club she never should have taken a job at. Except that she's considered property, and her owner isn't eager to have his property stolen.

A bear shifter.
Being protective isn't something Cord does, it's who Cord is. That's his greatest quality, and his most devastating flaw.
An inquisitive hottie.
Lucy can't resist a good story. So she asks her editor if she could look into the shifters, maybe do a story or a series.
Against hired assassins, against territorial clan leaders, against all odds…
Lucy won't be kept from her bear. Her bear shifter Cord won't be denied his mate. Can a war between rival clans keep them apart?

A wolf shifter.
Tucker doesn't do rules. He should have. Nearly being killed put him in the lust crosshairs of a very sexy nurse that he can't stop thinking about.
A healing hottie.
Nurse Rachel's got a fine life—okay, maybe a boring life is a better description. Until she nearly kills a wolf shifter.
A clan war gives rise a very unlikely union.
Rachel can't deny her nightly dreams about the wolf shifter she saved. Tucker can't deny that Rachel makes his blood travel south. This shouldn't happen. It shouldn't. But God, it is. And oh man, is it ever.

A wolf shifter.
Damien's always followed rules. He's nothing like his twin, Tucker, the rule-breaker. Until he breaks one rule. And damned if it isn't a big one.
A rogue hottie.
Fox shifter Sierra had this great social life—drinking, partying, shopping. Until she had a rude awakening, one that shoved her out the door and into the swamps. The Paris Hilton of shifters went from manis and pedis to scavenging and practically dumpster diving.
An explosive unearthed secret forges an unlikely union.
When Damien and Sierra learn of the secret which could bring the clans' hierarchies to their knees, they find themselves in a unique position. Not to mention, the positions they find themselves in when they yield to their mutual desires.

A lion shifter.
Vincent's oldest enemy is his brother. And now he's brought before the Council of Elders to determine his fate and Vincent is called as the solitary witness.
A lioness shifter.
Veronica's first love is back. That was a lifetime ago, before he left his clan and her behind. She's built a new life, and clearly so has he. Why can't she convince herself of that?
Sometimes the past refuses to stay in the past.
Once upon a time, these two shifters were fated mates

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
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