"Secret Files" The Untold Story

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This story is about all mysterious adventures and numerous encounters with FBI. The flashbacks became more terrifying and the nightmares came more realistic. The story will become more confusing with all the bizarre endings. There were events which took a diametrically opposite of action.
The FBI is a powerful police department and they answer to no one. The FBI had no other choice; they had to stop me from solving the Zodiac case. All the people that were helping me with my book had all disappeared. There is a reason why all these people had vanished? The mystery will never be solved. The FBI secret files are hiding that information. The FBI is vicious; they have neither pity nor compassion. That becomes a dangerous situation for everyone involved.
This story talks about Donna Lass, (that is the grave on the front cover of the book) who was killed in Lake Tahoe by the Zodiac killer. Donna Lasss body was never found. She was the Zodiacs last victim. Unfortunately, I was involved, and did not know what to do.
This story is very unique. The FBI is hiding Bruce Davis, (Charles Masons hit man) and no one can talk to him. What does that tell you? As former Chief of Police from the San Francisco area, I have come to know that the Zodiac killer is the most famous serial killer case in the United States.
I had to write this story; the public must know the truth. The FBI is concealing evidence. They know the person that was involved with the Zodiac killer. His name is Bruce Davis.
It took me ten years, for me to locate a picture of Wayne Messier. A cold chill consumed my body from head to toe. When I saw that picture, I thought that I would never live to see a photograph of the Zodiac killer.

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28. November

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