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From Writers of the Future winner Elise Stephens

The psychic gift of prophecy has torn apart Calvin Forsyth’s family before. For many generations, the ability to see the future has come tied to a life-altering curse and the chilling attention of a secret society intent on drawing the Forsyth bloodline under its power.

Fate seems determined that 15-year-old Calvin will not escape the same destiny. Through use of a magic door in a New Jersey forest, he awakens his own sight and plunges into a swirling world of portents and shadow where lines between friend and foe are blurred and his own talent threatens to consume his mind.

Should he accept the help of the beautiful girl who appears on his doorstep, claiming she has the same gift of sight, or should he undergo training from a wise sage who regards the door and its psychic gifts as mind-poisons?

Calvin must brave extraordinary trials to wield his sight, defend his family, and prepare to battle not just the ominous society that beckons him, but the man who’s caused his world the greatest grief and pain—his father.

Filled with suspense and intrigue, Forecast is a coming-of-age tale of love and sacrifice in a fight against otherworldly powers. It will keep readers guessing at its twists and turns right up to its breathtaking conclusion.

“Elise Stephens is one of the most exciting and talented writers I’ve encountered in a long, long time. “ –Robert Clark, author of MR. WHITE’S CONFESSION, Edgar Award Winner

“I finished the book without stopping. I just COULDN’T put it down. Recommended to anyone wanting a fun story with addicting characters, and an ending that blows all your guesses to shame.” –B.J. Gaskill, Amazon Reviewer

“Reminded me of Dan Brown’s books— [filled] with excitement and adventure…Like a good film, I was sorry when the book ended.” –Isobel C., Amazon Reviewer

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