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What gets you hot? It can vary a lot from one person to the next. Some people respond to fantasies involving sex outdoors, while others like to incorporate a little variety with multiple partners. The beauty of the Friday Night Fun erotic story series is that it gives you a sampling, a pupu platter of fantasy from which you can choose. You can seek out scenarios that you know will arouse you, or even better, I like to suggest that everyone branch out and choose a scenario to experiment with; a scene that you never would have thought would get your motor running, because I guarantee you that you will surprise yourself.

Yes, your individual sexuality is wired a particular way, so that by the time you are an adult, there’s a template from which you draw from. What titillates you has been in the works since before the day you were born. But that isn’t the whole story, thank goodness. You can add components to the mix – hot three-way scenes, voyeurism, bondage, same sex themes. You can sprinkle any of these endless possibilities into the recipe. 

Many of us become too afraid to try new things, but alas the best way to add to your repertoire is to come up with fresh new ideas – fantasy fodder. Friday Night Fun is a quick, delicious way to get more ingredients for you to use to either build masturbation fantasies or get ideas to try with our partners. Variety is indeed the spice of life.


Dr. Kat Van Kirk

Belletristik und Literatur
December 28

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