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The Code of the Extraordinary Mind shows how we have been exposed to culture and society, one that imposes a summary of rules that have shaped us to be ordinary individuals. This book that was written in 2016, proposes ten unconventional laws that will transform you in a radical way. It will enable you to overcome the madness of the day to day and change your beliefs and actions, so that you can redefine your life in a meaningful way. It will assist you to achieve focus on the life that you will be able to rewrite and stand out in what really matters. You can become an extraordinary individual capable of changing your beliefs, so that you find happiness and meaning in your life. In other words, this work, written by Vishen Lakhiani, aims to help people ignore the automatic pilot they live by and adopt an intentional way of life.

In the following lines, it is revealed why we should question the rules imposed on us. We will see how someone who used horrible glasses being attractive despite having an embarrassing past, and what it means to be a happy person within himself. It is explained how to avoid drama and negativity interfering with their inner peace.

This is a framework in which we are shown how the 10 laws are divided into 4 stages. The first two laws describe the world around us and how it has shaped us, the next three laws teach us to change the perception of the world in which we live. Laws six, seven and eight lead us to a better life thanks to changing our mental attitude. The last two laws teach us to change the world through employing the previous laws.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
12. Oktober
Sapiens Editorial

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