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This 16,371-word lesbian erotica bundle includes the four following previously published stories: The Fateful Question, Day at the Office, Blackmailing Diana: Part 1,
Blackmailing Diana: Part 2.

The Fateful Question
Tasked with going around campus and propositioning strangers for extra credit in her psychology class, Amanda is more surprised by her own reaction than a girl actually agreeing to the question when she takes the shy, dark-haired beauty, Leah, to an empty classroom to carry out her promise of a quickie. Contains explicit lesbian content.

Day at the Office
Two eighteen-year-olds play around with each other when left alone in their parents' office. Contains lesbian content, including light spanking.

Blackmailing Diana: Part 1
Diana has been obsessed with her rival, Mia, for years. The two women have a habit of bickering daily. When Mia catches Diana masturbating in the bathroom one day their relationship changes forever, as Mia decides to use that to begin to give her a different sort of attention. Attention, Diana finds, she quite enjoys.
Contains explicit lesbian content including bathroom sex, and fingering.

Blackmailing Diana: Part 2
In part two of the story, Diana grows more comfortable with Mia, but now her blackmailer wants to stop. Will she have the guts to admit she actually loves being touched by the dark-haired woman? Find out in this exciting, sex-filled conclusion.
Contains explicit lesbian content including oral sex, and strap-ons.

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Winter Lynx

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