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It began with a group of us indulging in a world we were neither ready for nor understood, Roe the youngest. Headed for destruction, we allowed sin to become our best friend, "druggin' and thuggin'". It wasn't only about the drug scene with this group of guys and girls. We had a passion for music. Some of us managed, wrote, and produced; some sang and rapped. Others played instruments and engineered. We were talented and trying to get ahead. Although Roe was new to the bunch she had a powerful, beautiful voice and sang like an angel.

In the 1980s the clothes were Cross Colours, the music was hip-hop, and the most popular group was N.W.A. The drugs of choice were powder cocaine cooked to form a rock known as crack and marijuana known as Kush. The drink of choice was Olde English "800" malt liquor. Let's not forget—we chain-smoked Newport Filter King cigarettes.

Watching this young girl experience a life of drug addiction, abuse (sexually, mentally, and physically), as well as others closest to her, was heartbreaking. After her first child, Roe was forced to grow up fast. She became a woman, mom, then wife; she felt this was the right thing for her family. Roe had to learn to survive the way of the streets, with more children, no education, and a drug-addicted lifestyle.

She finally decided there had to be a change, for her and her five children. Rolanda felt so broken in spirit, screaming from the depth of her soul "Lord please save me" that God called her out of darkness into His marvelous light, showing her there was nowhere to go but up. In this book you will witness the journey, love, heartbreaks, headaches, trials, tribulations, and laughter this phenomenal human being had to endure.

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1. Dezember
Rolanda Macharia