How to Get a Job in an Office in 30 Days by Winning the Interview Game: A step by step game plan for school, college, and university graduates (Job Interview Preparation for Beginners Book 1‪)‬

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Have you just left school or college with no references?
Have you found that nothing you learnt in your careers courses have helped?
Do you need a step by step plan on getting that office job?

Written in Jason Hogan's easy to understand style, the newly revised "How to Get a Job in an Office in 30 Days by Winning the Interview Game!" can give you those extra, unspoken tips you need to give you the edge on your rivals.

To make it a bit more interesting, Jason has added points so that you can score yourself as you increase through the levels of getting ready for an interview.

Ex-CEO Jason makes it easy to understand, even for people who speak English as a Second Language, and his casual and friendly writing style means you get the maximum amount of information and advice without too many personal stories or reflections.

Did you know there are smart phone apps that help you to find jobs?
Did you know that there are hundreds of other little things employers consider when they interview you, not just how you answer the questions or what skills you bring to the meeting?
Did you know there is a mindset that you need to get into to make getting that job so much easier?

This book can help you on to the fast track to success in getting an office job.

Contents Include:
Level 1: Pre-preparation. Win the Positive Mindset Game - Explores what you can do to change your brain chemistry to be more positive
Level 2: Remove Cognitive Distortions and Change Life Habits - Beliefs you've been carrying around for years, that you need to be aware of to be able to drop them!
Level 3: Stabilise Your Emotions - Employers love calm, non-emotional people.
Level 4: Prioritise Money - Don't forget to value your time
Level 5: Update Your Work Ethic. How to get into the mindset of working harder, along with a list of employee traits that employers love
Level 6: Perceptions. This section also includes your all important tools like how to write resumes and cover letters, how to promote yourself, examples resumes, phone interview advice, as well as some common interview questions and suggested answers.
Level 7. Change Yourself. A step by step hourly plan for each day of the week that can help you stick to your work search schedule. This section also includes advice on how to make yourself appear more attractive to the employer including information on: body odor, body language, habits and more. Learn about how to project that you're management material, words to upgrade your vocabulary, notes about social networking, and other things to help you improve yourself.
Level 8: The Interviews. From Skyping to the Third In-Person interview, this section gives a rough guide as to what to expect. It also looks at what other things you can do if you don't get the job, along with additional tips. There's also a list of places you can search for jobs that you may not have thought of.

And much more!

Get ready to win the interview game with 'How to Get an Office Job in 30 Days.' Volume 1 in the Job Interview Preparation for Beginners series

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