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Height should not matter – but it does. Tallness, particularly in men, has always been a valuable biological characteristic, where those fortunate enough to be at least 6ft benefit from a pervasive positive discrimination. Employers consistently prefer the taller of equally qualified candidates, to whom they pay more generous starting salaries.
A lots of people felt were not good enough for a job, a girl or a guy, a sport, a dream and all because of their height. They ever rejected by the opposite sex, difficulty finding a job and even been mocked because of their short height.
Do you want to know How to Grow Taller naturally at least 2-6 inches in just 6 weeks? Then "How to Grow Taller" is the best solution ever for you.
Believe me if you are tall, you better start looking at it as your greatest blessing, because as I am about to show you, it is....
1.Opposite sex: Everyone likes a tall partner, tall girls often don't believe this but just look at the super models and how many guys drool over them. If you feel unattractive it is not your height but your presentation and/or physical fitness. you'll find that very tall and very short women are most attracted to a tall man. And yes men love tall women too.
2.Career Mobility: Since you are more noticable any achievements that you make will stand out more, so achieve more and you'll definitely be noticed. Tall men make up a disproportionately large percentage of company CEO's and on average a tall man makes more money.
3.Have higher IQ's: Statistically speaking tall people on average score better than average in IQ tests. I know I do and am a member of MENSA to prove it.
4.Sports Prowess: Nearly every sport in the world gives an advantage to tall players, not just friggin basketball to all the dumbies whose limited brain capacity can only revert to that one sport. In golf you'll hit further, in tennis you'll have a better range of angles to hit, swimming and running you'll get longer strokes/strides, football is obvious, volleyball, cricket (both batting and bowling), baseball, track and field (pretty much any type), combat sports, the list goes on.
5.More Memorable: Socialising more people will remember you, both in your private life and in business. There have been multiple times I have made a follow up telephone call after a business meeting and the person did not remember my name, as soon as I said "the really tall guy" they remember instantly. Socially many more people remember me than I remember - you literally stand out above the crowd so work on your personality to best utilise this advantage of being tall.
6.Physical Presence: Being taller you are more intimidating to the average person. Even in non-conflict situations this is of benefit, for example in ques people are less likely to push in, less likely to screw you around, less likely to throw their weight around to get their way. For me often a discouraging look shot their way stops their anti-social behaviour pretty quick. Some individuals will seek you out for conflict for various personal reasons related to their own low self esteem - ignore these types as much as possible their lives are terrible nasty experiences of their own making anyway.
7.Meeting People: Being tall people will just come up and start talking with you, often about your height as an 'ice breaker' but you can quickly move the conversation on from there, the fact that that person has taken the initiative to come up and start a conversation with a total stranger (you) is a great starting position for you to make a new friend or practise your conversation skills.
8.Clothes: Often touted as the main disadvantage of being tall, mass produced clothes don't fit or fit poorly. Guess what? Good quality clothing fits well, I had a nice Versace shirt that I had for about 5 years then took to the tailors to copy as best they could when it wore out. And there is the other advantage, tailored clothing is not as expensive as many people think.

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