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Now it's easy to impress your friends, your family (and yourself) with mouth-wateringly delicious homemade limoncello — the sexy, sophisticated lemon liqueur!

Limoncello — the Italian liqueur made from lemons — has been a popular after-dinner beverage for over 100 years along Italy's trendy Amalfi Coast. And now celebrity chefs and connoisseurs are celebrating limoncello by showcasing the lemon liqueur in cocktails, desserts, and more.

You could pay up to $50 or more for a bottle of premium imported limoncello … but why??

With just a few simple ingredients, you can make your own limoncello at home—for less than $10 per bottle—and be the envy of your guests the next time you entertain.

The basic limoncello recipe takes 90 days to make. So it can be heartbreaking to discover after hours of preparation and three long months of waiting that your batch of limoncello has been ruined by a simple, avoidable mistake or miscalculation.

I've been making my own limoncello at home for years. I've experimented with different varieties of lemons, different limoncello recipes, different techniques, tools, and even different fruits! The results of some of my experiments were mediocre, some were downright scary…but many were fabulous—and my guests loved them!

So I compiled all my best limoncello recipe secrets, tips and tricks into one limoncello library to share with friends and family…and now they've convinced me to share those same limoncello secrets with other limoncello lovers like you.

This book includes everything you need to know to make consistently high-quality limoncello in your own kitchen, including:

- A proven, basic limoncello Recipe

- A full overview of the tools and equipment you'll need to make limoncello at home

- Detailed, step-by-step limoncello preparation instructions

- My versions of celebrity limoncello recipes

- Secrets to creating your own personal limoncello recipe, suited to YOUR tastes

- Delicious limoncello recipe variations featuring other delicious citrus fruits like blood oranges, limes and even grapefruit

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24. März
Ben Mazzola