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Volume 3 in the Survival Mode Series: Imagine a world where everything you've ever known and everyplace you've ever been is gone without a trace. A vast nuclear wasteland where doomed survivors struggle to emerge from deep within the slough of despair.

"This is a national emergency. I repeat: This is a national emergency. The President of the United States has ordered the nationwide activation of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is not a test. I repeat: This is not a test."

What would you do? Where would you go? How would you survive?

"Every American under the sound of my voice is in imminent danger of a nuclear attack. I urge you to seek shelter immediately. My fellow Americans, may God have mercy on us in this our darkest hour."

In the aftermath of nuclear war where civilization has vanished and chaos reigns, one man rises above to fight against impossible odds. Steen O'Mannon is back with his take-no-prisoners style of survivalism in this relentless action-packed thriller. Along the way he meets a colorful cast of characters including a runaway teen who can't seem to keep her clothes on, a bitter racist who exacts revenge on the people he blames for the country's demise, and a couple who turn their house into a prepper's paradise. As the story unfolds and you're certain the situation just can't get any worse, the nightmare has only just begun.

Miles Baldwin unleashes the highly-anticipated third and most intense installment in the critically-acclaimed Survival Mode series. Brace yourself for the unthinkable as Steen O'Mannon shows the world How to Survive a Nuclear War.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
7. August
Miles Baldwin

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