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You Are 1-Click Away From Learning How You Can Build Your Personal Instagram Brand To A Million Followers And Enjoy The Goodies That Follow!

Instagram is without doubt the best social media platform to build a brand right now.

Here are some stats to prove that:

Instagram images receive 23% more engagement than on Facebook, which has over 2.4 billion users compared to Instagram's 1 billion active users

Brands see 10X more engagement on Instagram than on Facebook, 84X more than Twitter and 54X more than Pinterest

70% of Instagram users look up a brand's Instagram page

80% of all Instagram users follow at least 1 brand

60% of Instagram users learn about new products on Instagram

Over 200 million users visit a business profile at least once every single day

At least one third of Instagram users have purchased something through Instagram, on mobile

Brands pay influencers between $100 and $2,085 per post, with 69% of influencer budgets being spent on Instagram influencers

More precisely, this book will teach you:
What makes Instagram unique and viable as the #1 platform for building a brandHow to create and optimize an Instagram profile and set yourself up for success from the beginningHow to unleash the full power of hashtags to propel your Instagram page to the 1 million followers mark fastDaily routines that will effectively boost your engagement rate tremendouslyHow to leverage the power of shoutouts and influencers to fast track the growth of your Instagram followersHow to build your Instagram brand like a pro even if you run a small, one-man armyPowerful tips that will help you build your brand with easeHow to leverage the power of different kinds of content, including videos to catapult your engagement and possibly grow your brandHow to make the most of Instagram Stories and Lives for your benefitHow to use influencers effectively and profitably for your businessHow to build a direct sales business through InstagramWhen to start using paid ads on Instagram and how to do ads rightHow to leverage the power of different research tools to do everything right, like the pros do itHow to monetize your Instagram following by becoming an Influencer, through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, direct sales marketing and much more!

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28. April
Mike Anderson

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