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Ready or not, quite a few notable changes are coming for your iPhone/ iPod Touch with the new iOS 14.5. 

For the latest updates along with few tips and hacks, iOS 14.5 Black book is a must read. 

Learn the new features in the iOS 14.5, that includes, 

New Home Screen, 
App Library, 
Hide App Pages, 
Default location and customization of downloaded app, 
Activate dark mode, 
Schedule Dark Mode to Turn On/Off Automatically, 
Optimize Wallpapers, 
Dim Custom Wallpaper, 
Control Dark Mode from Solo Toggle, 
Take Full-Page Screenshots in Safari, 
Options in the Safari view, 
Utilize Download Manager, 
Slide Typing feature, 
New Gestures for Editing text, 
Cursor for Editing Text, 
Fonts Manager, 
Dictate Text with Voice, 
Rich-Text Editing with Voice, 
Custom Words for Voice Control, 
Auto-Joining Hotspots, 
Connecting Computer I/O via Bluetooth, 
Private WiFi Address, 
Create New Folder, 
Scan Documents with Files, 
Transfer Files between iPhone and remote file servers, 
Change the default Download location, 
Mirror Front Camera, 
Utilize FaceTime Eye Contact, 
Photos Zoom, 
Volume Up/Down as Camera Controls, 
Caption to a photo, 
Hide Photos Albums, 
and many more.  

The book is mostly useful for users of  any of the following iPhones

    iPhone 6S
    iPhone 6S Plus
    iPhone SE (1st generation)
    iPhone 7
    iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 8
    iPhone 8 Plus
    iPhone X
    iPhone XS
    iPhone XS Max
    iPhone XR
    iPhone 11
    iPhone 11 Pro
    iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPhone SE (2nd generation)
    iPhone 12 Mini
    iPhone 12
    iPhone 12 Pro
    iPhone 12 Pro Max
    or iPod Touch (7th generation)

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