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Learn how lesbian couples deal with political, social, and legal issues related to their relationships—and their professions

Lesbian Academic Couples is a collection of writings by scholars who examine—in theory and in narrative—issues faced by partners working in the academic field, including the politics of spousal hiring, discrimination in hiring practices, collaboration between partners, long-distance relationships, team teaching, and job sharing. This unique book presents firsthand accounts from senior faculty with lengthy credentials in LGBT scholarship who have been able to land academic positions not compromised by outing, from established academics who have been outed to negative effect, from junior scholars with a queer specialty, and from faculty whose work is constantly shifting and unpredictable.

The format of Lesbian Academic Couples is unique. Authors well known to the lesbian communities in the United States, Canada, and Australia, present essays that “converse” with one another, offering opposing positions that represent a diversity of approaches on vital issues. The book offers candid accounts of the experiences of lesbian couples fortunate enough to work in supportive academic environments and from those discouraged from being out on campus or from doing academic work in the area of LGBT studies. This groundbreaking book is especially timely given current lawsuits and legislation involving civil unions and domestic partner benefits, enforcement of domestic violence statutes, and the rights of unmarried older couples.

Lesbian Academic Couples includes the stories of couples who: achieved scholarly success and a reaffirmed relationship
were separated when they couldn’t find viable academic positions in the same geographical area
abandoned the security of tenured positions for the sake of their relationship
were professionally marginalized because of their same-sex, mixed-race relationship
wrote under the pen name “Michael Field” in the nineteenth centuryIn addition, Lesbian Academic Couples examines the critical issues of: state sanctioning through marriage
spousal hiring package plans
sexual orientation nondiscrimination policiesLesbian Academic Couples have existed, as long as there have been female academics. This powerful book gives voice to their successes and struggles.

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