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Christopher Martin was born in the early twentieth century in a small Rhode Island town. His childhood days were typical of a country boy growing up in the 1920's. Grammar school was eight grades in a one room schoolhouse, and high school was regional, serving the local area.

In his junior year of high school he meets Grace, the new girl in town. They date and eventually fall in love. After high school they are off to college. World War II is in progress, and the United States is drawn into the battle. After graduation Chris is off to flight school to training to become a fighter pilot.

He returns home as a decorated war veteran. He and Grace are married and settle into family life in their home town. As their two children grow to adulthood, life is good for the Martin's and Chris and Grace become more involved in the local community. Then, a tragic event falls on the Martin Family, and leaves Chris retreating into deep despair.

He retreats into himself, having no interest in living, until Lisa; a 47 year old school teacher moves into town. In his 79th year he meets this younger woman and it is truly 'Love at First Sight'. He prays to God and is blessed with an unbelievable miracle. He must now leave Rhode Island and travels west to try and figure out how he is going to cope with this second dramatic change in his life.

A year later, after he heads back east, he meets Lisa in Maryland where she is now living with her son. He buys his dream house, an old farmhouse in need of restoration. What will happen? Will Lisa and Chris get together? Will she know him? Read 'Loves Amazing Miracle' to find the answers.

Faith and trust in the living God can give assurance of things hoped for.
Read Love's Amazing Miracle and believe.

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3. November
Trafford Publishing

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