Make the Most of Mind Maps

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Have you ever been here?

Hands shaking, Joe mops his face with an already saturated handkerchief. Just as fast as he swipes the sweat away, his forehead is gushing again like Niagara Falls.

He stares at his empty cup and considers yet another dose of coffee. No, he decides, his hands are already shaking like a drug user in withdrawal. It shouldn't be this difficult, he thinks as he attempts to reason with his already overloaded brain.

Glancing at the clock, he sees the second hand relentlessly ticking off seconds and realizes another hour has passed him by and he's no closer to a solution. Fear has immobilized him. And, this fear is threatening to ruin his life.

If he can't pull this presentation together and do it fast, he is in serious danger of losing his job.

Meanwhile, miles away, Sally struggles with the words in front of her. They all seems to blend together and jump off the page as if they were gremlins attacking her.

The harder she struggles, the more difficult it is to concentrate. She knows that this is the last opportunity to save her grade and is in serious trouble if she can't pull off this project.

Kathy, on the other hand, is trying to plan an important dinner party for her husband. All the corporate bigwigs are attending, including his boss. Her husband is up for a lucrative promotion that will give their family a lifestyle bump, the likes of which they have never seen before.

It all hinges on how well Kathy can showcase her husband in the best light. She absolutely must present their family and home in the most advantageous way possible.

Okay, that's enough. By now, you've gathered that our three friends are each facing a serious challenge. Their stories are different but no less important to each of them.

Joe has a project to complete for his boss.

Sally is desperate to save her grade.

Kathy needs to plan a very important dinner party.

Would you believe that there is a simple solution to all three problems and the solution is the same for each?

What is it?

It's the simple and easy concept of "mind mapping". Now it's a good bet that you may have "heard" about mind mapping. However, it's also a good bet that what you think you know is a far cry from the actual mind mapping process, or you may think it's only for high level corporate planning.

Mind mapping is far more than a tool for the corporate boardroom or a platform for high-brow professorial academics.

What does it do?

A mind map organizes and displays information. It's a technique that has been used through the centuries from the Ancient Greeks.

It is used in many areas including presentations, research, planning and problem solving. Now, you can use this powerful technique to fulfill your everyday needs as well as overcoming challenges presented by the occasional unique problem.

Where do I get this information?

Glad you asked. You're in the right place at the right time to acquire the most definitive guide for learning and implementing the power of mind mapping. That guide is called “Make the Most of Mind Maps.”

The author believes that mind maps are an under-used and very poorly understood tool. This guide is written to help people use mind maps for business and personal projects.

Three things you will discover when you use "Make the Most of Mind Maps"
1. How Mind Maps will help people who have never used them and ways that experienced users save time and express their creativity.
2. If you've tried them and found it too difficult or less effective than you were promised, our guide will get you back on track in a few days.
3. And, using mind mapping with children sets their benchmark for succ

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