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Do you want your glazes to be stable or durable in use and attractive? Do you want to be sure they will not leach significant quantities of metals into food or drink? This is the first (and so far the only) book to address these questions in-depth. A wide variety of extensively tested glaze recipes are included as well as detailed guidance on formulating your own glazes.

Do you want to be sure your glazes don't craze on coming out of the kiln or after extended use? Or perhaps you do want glazes that craze for a decorative effect. This is the only book that gives an in-depth discussion of how to prevent (or cause) crazing and the related problems of shivering and dunting.

Do you want to know how you can test your glazes and pottery to be sure they are suitable for their intended use? A number of practical, inexpensive, in-studio tests are described that you may want to use.

All of this information and more is explained in terms potters can readily understand. This is a ground-breaking book that studio potters, teachers of ceramics, students and others will find to be an invaluable source of useful reference information on cone 6 glazes. Although some information is specific to cone 6, the principles of making stable and attractive glazes apply also to other firing temperatures.

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