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I lead a simple life. It was my job to carry on the family legacy my father had built. As a Silva, we controlled all the lithium and gold mined in the country. Nothing was exported without our knowledge. It's what made us the most powerful family in Chile. It's no secret that others want what we have, so when someone steals a shipment from us, they've started a war. A war I'm determined to win.
When a mysterious woman shows up, offering information that will help us take back what is ours, I find myself in more trouble than where I started. She's directly linked to the enemy and she's the last person in this world I should want, but I'm finding it impossible to let her go.
Maybe I can recoup what's been taken from my family and still keep her as mine, forever.
Sold to a man who promised my family power, I was nothing more than a bargaining chip in another corrupted business deal. Broken and betrayed, I wasn't about to lie down and die. Once I had my chance, I ran straight into the arms of the enemy.
Now I'm in a different kind of prison, one that has me wondering what side to choose. Do I remain loyal to a family that only cares about money and power, or do I give in to the burning desire the enemy has sparked inside me?
One thing's for sure, the fires of corruption always burn hot, and someone always gets scarred in the end. I just hope that person isn't me.

This is book one in the Silva Brother Trilogy. It is part of the Social Rejects Syndicate Crime World. 
Mature Reader warning: This book contains a lot of panty-dropping sexiness! There is raw sexual language (aka dirty talk), a little violence, and tons of heat! It is intended for readers 18+ and fans of the naughty stuff.

Krimis und Thriller
19. Januar
LC Taylor

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