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There are many benefits to living a minimalist life, but often these rewards go unrecognised due to common misconceptions about what it means to live a minimalist lifestyle. This book, therefore, aims to straighten out every misconception about minimalism and offer a guide to teach you how to simplify your life and be satisfied with less. 

From the history of the movement to the philosophy of minimalism, from step-by-step guides on how to transition into a minimalist lifestyle to advice on how to overcome obstacles, this book offers a complete guide to minimalist living and offers chapters on:
-History of Minimalism
-Mentality of Minimalism
-Benefits of Minimalism
-Possessions and Minimalism
-Design and Minimalism
-Technology and Minimalism
-Relationships and MinimalismJourney to -Minimalism
-Struggles of Minimalism
-Future of Minimalism

In this ten chapter guide, all of your questions about what it means to be a minimalist, the benefits of minimalist living and how to apply minimalist ideals to your life will be answered. 

The minimalist lifestyle is one that offers us true freedom from social demands and the pressures of a consumer society. By becoming a minimalist, you can learn how to let go of your attachment to material goods, build better relationships in your life, shape your career around your passion, find time for what you love and ultimately live life with purpose, satisfaction and meaning. This is an essential guide to The Simple Joy of Minimalism.

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