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After a cruel breakup with her ex-boyfriend and a lonely couple of months searching for a new housemate to take on half the rent, Jessica Gleal was about to give up hope and quit college altogether.

With no guy, no best friend and no more money for her education tuition Jessica had just about shut the door on the whole affair and packed up to head home back to Chicago for good.

But then walked in Lara Blake…

With her bubbly personality, stunning smouldering looks and overwhelming compassion for Jessica’s ordeal, Jessica couldn’t have imagined a better candidate to become her new roommate and BFF.

There’s only one problem… the connection Jess is beginning to feel for Lara seems to run a lot deeper than friendship and Jess can’t help but fantasise about having her sexy roommate as something more… much more than just her closest friend.

Although too terrified to bring herself to act on any of the heated sexual feelings she senses rising between her and her new best girl, Jess can no longer deny the growing obsession she’s hiding in her heart and her lions.

Caught between the uncertainty of acting on her emotions and the fear that Lara might reject her if she does Jess must try to keep her dark lust hidden from Lara until the moment’s right.

But will that moment ever arrive?

Find out in ‘More than Friends’

Belletristik und Literatur
14. April
Lily Anderson

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