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Fiona is scheduled for her regular checked, but soon she'll find out that is no ordinary doctor visit. Bored and waiting for the doctor to arrive, Fiona's curiosity gets the better of her. She is shocked to find a huge, pink dildo stuffed away in the doctor's private drawers.

Fiona's shock and curiosity intensify when she discovers the doctor to be an extremely attractive young man. Will the doctor realize that she has found his giant dildo? What will he do when he finds out? Find out what happens when Fiona's lust and desire overtake her! Doctor's Orders.

This 3,079 word story is jam packed with hot doctor on patient eroticism!

EXCERPT: Fiona bit her lip. "Mmm-hmm", she said, nodding.
Dr. Salinger took his hand out of the back of her shirt and applied more ointment to it. He took his hand and slid it up underneath the front of her shirt. She shivered as his hand brushed against her stomach. He rubbed the ointment gently underneath the front of her bra in a slow, circular motion. His hand felt good against her skin.
"These bras can really get in the way. Would you mind if I unstrapped it?" he said.
This time he didn't wait for her to respond, instead he reached with his other hand to unsnap her bra before she had a moment to hesitate. The bra fell loose in her shirt. He moved his hand upward to the center of her chest.
"It's really important to spread the ointment liberally across the whole chest," he said. "We want maximum coverage."
Fiona moaned as she felt the ointment lubricating and warming her chest.

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25. Januar
Rory Scott

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