Next Steps In BASS Next Steps In BASS

Next Steps In BASS

Method Book for Self-Taught, Intermediate and Advanced Players

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Publisher Description

Thanks that you‘ve clicked this book! Next steps in BASS is a book for bass players, but not an ordinary one!

I will lead you through the world of bass and music in nearly 300 pages, using all the possibilities that an eBook offers: Instead of describing in a thousand words what to do or play, I simply show it to you with a lot of detailed pictures. For all the exercises and techniques you will have audio examples and videos. The presentations make it much more easy to understand the sometimes complicated music theory. In addition, you will find a Quiz here and there to help you repeat and check your new knowledge. As most of the topics in music are often closely related to each other, you can jump around through different chapters by simply clicking on the provided links.

The book is written for self-taught players. It deals with topics and questions that pop up not even for beginners, but also for advanced or professional players. It is very important for me to guide you through the topics in an easy and relaxed way. That is why I use a very casual language, because easy is better! 

Another aspect that differs from other books: In Next steps in BASS you won‘t find tons and tons of exercises! It is much more important for me that you really understand at anytime, why the particular topic is relevant and for what. That is why I paid so much attention to the detailed text. As you will see, there are a lot of ideas and challenges for you which are relatively independent from your skills.

Beside others the following topics are covered:

• Techniques: slapping, tapping, playing chords, dead-notes, harmonics

• Fretting Hand-Technique and Navigating the Fretboard

• Ear training

• Timing and time feel

• Sound of the fingers

• Reading music: easier than you think

• Practically oriented music theory overview

• The metronome, Your best friend

• Practical tips: practicing, setting your bass up, equipment

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    1 August
    Markus Vieweg

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