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Rose Bowen’s life hasn’t been ideal lately. She’s been sleeping with her roommate, Cody, for three years now, but he still doesn’t want a relationship. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement has never quite satisfied her needs, though. And while she loves her job as a secretary at a luxury travel agency, she’s never really gotten used to her boss, Samson Greaves. She dreams about him endlessly, but no matter how hard she tries to please him, he only makes her feel like she’s done something wrong. 

Samson rules over the Golden Bridge Travel Agency with an iron fist, and that’s the way he likes it: complete control and dominance. When an up-and-coming luxury hotel requests to be considered for the agency’s Platinum List, Samson decides to have a little fun for once. For years he’s been planning to try and drive Rose out of her timid shell, and bringing her along on assignment may be the opportunity he’s been waiting for. 

As they revel in their luxury surroundings, Samson can’t help but push Rose’s buttons. But will Samson’s attempts to break through Rose’s defences only push her too far? Will Rose turn and run when she learns that she’ll not only be sharing a room with Samson, but also a bed? And what will happen when Rose asks Samson what it is she needs to do to finally earn his approval?

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10. März
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