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The secret of her power is the source of her ruin.

One night, an unforgiveable accident strips me of her family, my home and my identity all at once. In the wake of the destruction, Lee comes forth, who promises me all will be explained once I take my place at the Broken Academy.

Whether he's a friend or foe, I can't be sure but I know one thing:
Revenge requires I control the wildfire inside of me.

To do that, I'll take Lee's help and his sweet kisses too.
My dorm supervisor Serge's darkness and passion could be of use as well.
Never mind Jason, my demonic study buddy who I'm not convinced just wants to be friends.
The line between allies and lovers becomes hazy.

When the time for vengeance comes, will my rage to avenge the pains of the past blind me to the promise of a new life within my grasp?
I'm Cece Ford. Firestarter. Reluctant student of magic. And tonight? A hellstorm is brewing…

Power of Fire is the First Book in The Broken Academy Series, a why choose, slow burn paranormal romance. Each book covers one year at the academy, from multiple perspectives. A significant amount of time is spent developing the history and lore of the world. All of the books can be read as standalone stories however series order is recommended to fully maximize enjoyment.

Author note: The romance is described as "why choose" instead of reverse harem as each central female character has her cake and gets to eat it too, with multiple concurrent love interests that ebb and fall throughout the series, however there are no steamy scenes with multi-partner action.

Select goodreads Reviews:

"What a thrilling read throughout. I was gripped and captivated. The characters came alive and they were amazing. Not to be missed."

"I really hated to put it down even to sleep !! Can't wait to read the next ones !!"

"All I can say is WOW! This book takes you on a rollercoaster ride from page 1."

8. März
Untamed Love Romance

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