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Oh if there should be rendered but due consideration unto those things which are needful to be known. How say you now, O soul, can a man know who he himself is without knowing that one who created him; and created him for his own purpose? That one who formed him, and determined his time of arrival, and has set in his sovereign power his time of departure? Even that one who created his mother and father, and knew him before his mother and father did meet?

Even this very moment, as you  read even here and now, and soon be gone you on about, it is verily that you have lent the moment to looking for an author. Some author. This moment. But though I write, even as I have to write, and do have what to write, you are very self an episode loose and looking for an author. O reader, hear you a question wherein is a most profound truth; is it not true that you do here read these words, even this moving moment, and as in any writ, in so reading, you search for but that author with whom you might find or has found associate? Oh but you do. Searching. That from book to book that author may tell you just what? But, O reader, concerning the saved by grace, have you not read, have you not heard, that Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher of their faith?

Nevertheless, unto you, O wayfarer, might you as a reader seeking to read, and even to be read, know that an author is that one who creates that each and every character? Know that they, the characters created, they have no being be it not for that author? That an author gives unto them life, and that that same shall so determine all, even all whereunto that one so set has life? That an author decides for that such an one whom he has created the each and every day's such and such? That that author has the whole of the say, and the said of the whole about that character whom he has created? That that author, because he is the author, therefore has authority? Authority to  authorize whatsoever concerning that character? His character? The Lord has created all. Who and where are you then?

There is a man who lives as though he thinks he will never die. There is another man who knows he is going to die, yea, but this man, he believes that after he is gone, that that is all. Both of these men are wrong; both are dead wrong. We shall leave it there for now.

Religion und Spiritualität
25. Dezember
Ravens Station Steward

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