Reclaiming Your Energy From Your Emotions. States of the Mind in Logosynthesis®. See Your Self, Be Your Self

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This clear, compact book presents a surprising take on emotions from the perspective of Logosynthesis. Our emotions don't exist in an empty space; they are reaction patterns to our perception of the world around us. If that perception is clear, our reactions will be adequate, but perception can also be distorted by memories of a painful past, the imagination of a threatening future, or rigid beliefs that limit us in living our mission on this earth. This new volume in the Logosynthesis Live series shows a wide variety of ways out of this impasse with the help of Logosynthesis, a beautiful, elegant model to resolve frozen states of mind and body.

Dr. Lammers' Reclaiming Your Energy from Your Emotions, States of the Mind in Logosynthesis, are a collection of essays on human experience, cataloging familiar binds that entangle us in daily life. Through his deep experience as a psychologist, counselor, and wise openhearted human, Dr. Lammers fits together the puzzle pieces of life, universally shared by humanity, though as personal and tender as our own heartbeat when we suffer. Similar to David Hawkins' scales of consciousness that measure the vibratory impact of emotion from shame through bliss and beyond, Dr. Lammers expertly diagrams a map of experience of frozen states that can arise from emotions like jealousy and shame, limiting our free will. He traces their journey, like bread crumbs on a trail, back to their unencumbered free flowing state of energy sourced by Essence. The reader is coached to lift the veil of suffering, restoring clear connection to one's mission in life.

In Logosynthesis, Essence serves as the bedrock for life, and is the key to unlocking trapped, frozen states of being, unlike other mental health interventions. It has revolutionized my work on self and others. Join the community by reading, reflecting, and practicing on yourself, and sharing this knowledge with others. You can lessen distress, and create freedom to see and be your true self.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
8. April
Willem Lammers

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