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Red Moon Slices of Life are fragments torn from the daily lives of side characters of the novel Red Moon’s Reflection. They are not full stories; their only goal is to show the characters more in detail and serve as a teaser (if you haven’t read Red Moon’s Reflection) or an extra (if you have read it).

01. Damon's Slice of Life
Damon Blackdart could, as the leader of Lost clan, get anything he wanted, except one person: Trinity, his Beloved, who died centuries ago. But now in the 21st century he can feel his Beloved soul on earth once more and he is willing to do anything to get it.

02. Uriel’s Slice of Life
Uriel, the oldest of three brothers, wishes for only two things: his brothers’ safety and to be free of the chains that bind him to Angelica -- who is angelic in name only.

03. Muriel’s Slice of Life
Muriel has always enjoyed the company of animals, but that’s probably because a part of him is an animal, too.

04. Haniel’s Slice of Life
Haniel had never much cared for rules, even though he had to abide by them as a full-fledged Lueeshareteer, Bloodeater, and member of the Damned clan -- but only because his brother would get on his case if he didn't. Actually, his brother would get on his case anyway.

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