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Scrambles amongst the Alps

Edward Whymper, British illustrator, climber and explorer best known for the first ascent of the Matterhorn in 1865 (1840-1911)

This ebook presents «Scrambles amongst the Alps», from Edward Whymper. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Preface

- 1860

- Chapter I. Introductory

- Chapter Ii. The Ascent Of Mont Pelvoux

- Crossing Mont Cenis - 1861

- Chapter Iii. The Mont Cenis Pass And The Fell Railway

- Chapter Iv. My First Scramble On The Matterhorn

- 1862

- Chapter V. Renewed Attempts To Ascend The Matterhorn

- 1863

- Chapter Vi. The Val Tournanche

- Chapter Vii. Our Sixth Attempt To Ascend The Matterhorn

- Chapter Viii. From St. Michel On The Mont Cenis Road By The Col Des Aiguilles D'arve, Col De Martignare

- Chapter Ix. The Ascent Of The Pointe Des Ecrins

- Chapter X. From Val Louise To La Bérarde By The Col De Pilatte

- Chapter Xi. Passage Of The Col De Triolet, And Ascents Of Mont Dolent, Aiguille De Trélatête, And Aiguille D'argentière

- Chapter Xii. The Moming Pass-zermatt

- Chapter Xiii. The Ascent Of The Grand Cornier

- Chapter Xiv. The Ascent Of The Dent Blanche

- Chapter Xv. Lost On The Col D'hérens

- Chapter Xvi. Valley Of Aosta, And Ascent Of The Grandes Jorasses

- Chapter Xvii. The Col Dolent

- Chapter Xviii. Ascent Of The Aiguille Verte

- Chapter Xix. The Col De Talèfre

- Chapter Xx. Ascent Of The Ruinette-the Matterhorn

- Chapter Xxi. The Ascent Of The Matterhorn

- Chapter Xxii. Descent Of The Matterhorn

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