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Can love redeem the most unworthy of rogues?

Nicolette Marsden is standing on the precipice of the rest of her life and she isn’t sure what she wants. At a house party in honor of she and her sisters, Nicolette is supposed to choose one of the men present to marry, but none stir her heart, not until one fateful night when the least marriageable of them all, the devilish rogue, Mr. Denham, happens to catch her singing. She knows she should not fall for him, but what can a caged bird do, when freedom lies in the hands of a rake?

Theodore Denham has lived in his brothers shadow all his life. Though his parents loved them both equally, Theo could never measure up, so he went in the opposite direction, letting his devilish side run free, until he couldn’t remember what it was to be good. But his sins have caught up with him, and soon he will have to leave England or face retribution.

Seduced by Nicolette’s angelic voice, Theo risks all to prove that he can be redeemed, but only after taking what should never have been his. Her heart. 

Will Nicolette’s love save Theo from the exile and death or are they destined for love and loss?

Seven Lovely Sins is the seventh book in Dayna’s new Regency Romance series, The Northumberland Nine. If you like redeemable rogues, strong heroines, and scintillating romance, then you’ll love Dayna Quince’s Historical Romance series.

Romance awaits! Download now.

16. August
Red Rose Press

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