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No matter what your age, culture, sexual orientation, or gender, a satisfying sexual relationship is a valued and important aspect of your quality of life. However, research shows that Americans are not having the best sex that we can have. Unrealistic expectations paired with a general inability or discomfort with talking about sex contributes to this “lack of good sex.” According to one recent survey, almost 95% of Americans have difficulty when it comes to talking about “what I want sexually” especially if they are talking directly to their sexual partner.
In this tantalizing and technical guide, “Sexpert” Jane Bogart helps readers understand their own preferences and desires by allowing them to explore their own sexual history and helping them define where they’d like to go in the future. She helps readers figure out how much they really know and don’t know about sex to begin with, teaches them how to get in touch with their sensual side and how to communicate their desires to their sexual partners.

With testimonies from all different kinds of people, old and young, this books explores what turns people on, what turns people off, and more importantly, what turns you on and off and why. Naughty, fun, and infallible, it’s fit for all ages, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or new to the game.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
March 7
Penguin Publishing Group