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It is the manifest destiny of the Tau Empire to rule the stars. Guided by the principle of the Greater Good and driven by the orders of the mysterious ethereals, they conquer worlds, by words or force, and defend them by the might of the fire caste, noble warriors armed with advanced weaponry and powerful battlesuits.

Shas’o contains ten tales of the Tau Empire at war, featuring mighty battlesuits battling Imperial tanks, fire warrior snipers duelling with Space Marines and stories of some of the tau’s greatest heroes, including Farsight, Shadowsun and Aun’Shi. It also features a brand new novella by Peter Fehervari.

Shas'o contains the following stories:

The Arkunasha War by Andy Chambers

Fire and Ice, A Sanctuary of Wyrms and Out Caste by Peter Fehervari

Aun'Shi, Commander Shadow and Shadowsun: The Last of Kiru's Line by Braden Campbell

The Patient Hunter by Joe Parrino

The Kauyon and The Tau'va by Andy Smillie

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Get all sorts of insights into the way the tau Fire Caste wage war. Embittered snipers, tank-busting battlesuits, and some of the greatest heroes of the Empire all get their time in the spotlight. And there's a brand new story with more twists and turns than a rollercoaster that will have you wondering just what the infamous Commander Farsight is up to...

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
3. Oktober
Black Library

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