She Overcame Suicide

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Inspiring Stories of Serving in Ministry While Struggling with Suicide

Suicide is a very touchy subject in the church world. Unfortunately, so many deal with mental illness. If you’ve ever questioned your faith due to these toxic thoughts, then this is the book for you. Embark upon this journey of Christian women, as they reveal their stories of overcoming suicide.

It IS POSSIBLE TO OVERCOME! God has not left you, or forgotten you. These mind-blowing testimonials will give you hope, and the encouragement you need to overcome!


Denise A. Kelley – She Overcame Suicide
The day it all became too much to handle. From being on top of the world, to no longer wanting to live in it. A poetic tale of being saved, sanctified, singing on the choir, and then contemplating suicide. BUT GOD!!!!!!!

Lenai Clegg – I Just Want To Go Home
When the pain was so deep, numbness opened the pathway to an altered sense of reality, I decided to take my life.

Jesta Bouie – Jes Push Pause Breathe Again
Just because the fairy tale turns out to be a complete nightmare, it does not mean that God does not love you. Love never fails, but our blurry viewpoint of ourselves cause us not to truly see as God does when it comes to love. God still had need of me even when man failed to love me correctly.

Nicole Twitty – The Woman, The Wife, The God Seeker
I’m a God fearing woman who was taught to take everything to God in prayer. A woman who loved the Lord, loved her family, and loved serving in the ministry … until one day life became to unbearable for me to handle.

Tresser Henderson – Footsteps to My Suicide
God not only carried me through my struggles with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts, but it was my realization of how He’s always been there to carry me all along.

D. Marie – How Did I Get Here?
Looks can be deceiving!! The journey of a young girl appearing to ‘have it all together’, while silently living in torment. All hope was lost, until she found the strength she needed to live.

Genisha Morton – Dear Mr. Police Officer
From the time I was four years old until I was an adult at age 44, I lived my life feeling unaccomplished, unwanted, and unworthy of anything good. God interfered each time with my many attempts on my life. At one point it became my mission to go a year without being suicidal. I attempted for the last time in 2017. Find out how I now arise with a smile on my face and a new determination to keep moving forward.

Walikqua Johnson – I Survived!
I faced the demons of suicide and won through the power of GOD!!!!

Tamara Harris – Refined
Refined tells a passionate story of pastor’s daughter who fought to find herself, overcome depression, suicide and rejection. Tamara learns through pain that God had to refine her by the fire of trials, for a glorious and victorious ending.

Alma Thomas – I Made It On Broken Pieces

Desiree Johnson – I Remember Dee
STOP/THINK… I never felt I was in control enough to do those very things. With my poem I share how satan used suicide as a tool to try to ‘take my life.’ Instead his attempts were foiled and I gained back my will to live.

Gesundheit, Körper und Geist
16. Juli
D A Kelley