Band 6 – Shifters Forever Worlds Box Set

Shifters Forever After Boxed Set Books 1 - 6

Books 1 - 6

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Shifters Forever After

Polar bear shifters and their mates steam up the pages in these swoon-worthy paranormal romances. From trespassers with hidden agendas to curvaceous women who are ready to take a chance, the stories in this collection will capture your heart.


Curvy and bootilicious Laken Araya has to serve as a judge in the equivalent of a shifter Supreme Court. No problem right? Until the one presenting the case is a one-night stand she never should have had.

Polar bear shifter Malachi—Ky—Romanoff is in a hell of a position. He’s representing the petitioner in front of a woman who was butt-naked in a reverse cow-girl the last time he saw her. He couldn’t even find the memorable woman because they’d never exchanged names. And now he can’t talk to her outside the confines of the case.


Black panther shifter Cadence Araya, sexy, curvy, and edgy. She knows what she’s doing is wrong—ish. But why she’s doing it is quite right. Hopefully she’s not caught before she reaches her goal.

Polar bear shifter Isaac Romanoff’s been selected to serve on a special Task Force investigating a string of burglaries committed by a very talented cat burglar. The elusive thief has evaded capture for a couple of years. He suspects the criminal is a shifter. 

He’s in for a hell of a surprise. 


Polar bear shifter Jonah Romanoff’s got one goal. Be the best agent he can be in the Paranormal Unit of InterForce. 

He didn’t expect his ex to show up, prying into his secrets, opening up a can of worms, and throwing his bear and his heart into pandemonium.

Curvy falcon shifter Fiona hasn’t told him the truth about why she broke it off. Now she has to figure out why he’s lying to her. 

Except the secrets don’t seem to matter as much when the motivation becomes saving the life of the one you love. 


Polar bear shifter Bain Kozlov became an honorary family member of the Romanoff clan. But he feels honor bound to fulfill the blood debt his dead brother Vey left behind. And that same honor is keeping him from pursuing the curvy woman he hasn’t been able to get out of his mind. 

Panther shifter Carina Araya has held a secret since she was sixteen. Cleaning out her grandparents’ home has brought that secret to light—except the facts that Carina held to be true seem to be all lies. She can’t go forward with her life until she knows the truth. And part of that going forward is Bain. Bain, the mountain of a man with ice chip eyes. 

Join Bain and Carina as they travel to the West Coast to uncover secrets. See a few old friends along the way—Griz and the del Cruz brothers, plus Ciara, the mysterious Intuitive. 


Braden Cartwright’s a polar bear shifter that fights demons. Except the demons he’s fighting are within him. He’s headed to Bear Canyon Valley to catch up with his nephew Bain, and hopefully to catch a break from his demons. 

Dakotah Lopez wonders if she jumped from the frying pan in to the fire.  She ran away from Deep Hollow to escape the evil shifters but now finds herself in Bear Canyon Valley, a place that is teeming with shifters. As if matters weren’t complicated enough, she’s pregnant with the child of an extremely dangerous shifter. 

Griz, Mae, Doc, Tanner, Teague and Joe all come together to help the newly arrived duo, only to find that maybe this duo can help the Bear Canyon Valley in exchange. 


Moscow resident Hawke, Terrence Hawke, is a polar bear shifter on a mission. He’s the witch hunter. His mission is to kill all witches in retaliation for the death of his sister at the hands of rogue witches. He and Vengeance are given a new assignment to capture a witch for trial with the Shifter Council. Sounds like it’s right up his alley—being paid to capture and turn over an enemy, right?

Witch Alannah Autumn’s sister left for Moscow to serve in an apprenticeship and now she’s gone missing. Alannah packs her bags and with the help of Mikhail Romanoff, she’s off to Moscow to find her little sister, Mireille. 

What she doesn’t count on finding is the sexy witch hunter polar bear shifter who has a spider as an accomplice and an aviary full of falcons. 

Unravel mysteries, meet sexy new sorcerers, and find love with Alannah and Hawke.

6. Januar
Barbed Borders Press

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