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When Sierra Taylor’s brother, Zack, fell in love with a spy from the Society, she wished she could join the secret group. Knowing that wasn’t an option, she went back to work at the auction house in her hometown. Now, with Reina Corrigan running things, the Society has recruited her as a trainee. She’s not worried about passing the classes on etiquette, technology, or even hand to hand combat. It’s mastering languages that’s giving her a hard time. Or at least one language in particular: Portuguese. The language that her brother’s infuriating friend can help her with—at a price she knows she shouldn’t want to pay.

Joel Cruz was born in Brazil, but has lived in the States for most of his life. The son of diplomats, he found his calling when he first picked up a baseball bat. He also found himself surrounded by plenty of women willing to be on his arm in public, and in his bed at night. Sierra Taylor is one of the only women who has ever said no to him. Unfortunately for her, she needs his help, and in order to receive it, she’ll have to say yes. To everything—and anything—he wants from her.
Training in the Society is pass or fail, and failure is not an option Sierra’s willing to consider. Can she master the language, while keeping the player out of her heart? Or will she strike out on both counts, and lose it all?

19. Januar
Crystal Perkins

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