Spiritual Intelligence: Practice and Application – How to Connect With, Have Access to Your Spiritual Intelligence and Live It

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This work is not to engage in the debate or to resolve the debate over the feasibility of spiritual intelligence, for scientific quantification. It is not a research thesis of scholarly kind. It is not about spirituality, religiosity or religious rituals as practiced by various religions of the world. It is not about discussions about god or knowledge of god or about ultimate reality. The purpose and use of this work is to give the reader the taste of spiritual intelligence. As my experience vouches, definitely there would be transformation in life by connecting to your element of spiritual intelligence.
The purpose of this work is to introduce you to an intelligence which can help you every moment, in your day to day life of the world, in your worldly affairs, too. Mature dealings of the worldly matters transform to spirituality. Vyavaharik (worldly affairs) when comes to fruition transforms into Adhyatmik (spiritual affairs). The rift between the worldly competence and spiritual competence will be bridged through this work. The purpose of this work is not only to prepare spiritually but also to effectively make a person perfectly fit for the world and worldly affairs.
The discrepancy that spiritual kind of people are misfits or unfit for worldly affairs can be removed, by awakening your spiritual intelligence. Spiritually intelligent are as equal as, if not better, than the worldly intelligent.
The objectives of this work are:
•To orient the readers for their spiritual intelligence.
•To enable the readers to familiarize themselves with different aspects of their spiritual intelligence.
•To enable the readers to know and live spiritually intelligent life.
Benefits to the reader of this book
•Build your self-confidence and self-trust
•Get the confidence to be yourself
•Simple, effective, practical and technical means and methods which will make you feel better and bring about lasting change.
•Changes in your behavior and thinking
•Ultimate benefit of permanent witness state, freedom from personal pain, mental / emotional pain / suffering.
•Experience peace moment to moment.
•Not being bothered by people and experiences that used to upset you.
•Enhances your well-being on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
•Enable you to do and be anything you had envisioned in your mind and heart.
•To make you insightful and self-reliant
•Making judgments on own and others’ thought processes. Make high quality decisions
•The ability to derive personal meaning and purpose from all physical and mental experiences, including the capacity to create meaning and a life purpose
•Attain the ability to answer your own questions about your life
•Ability to get direction, meaning and peace in life
•To fully understand doing and happening
Spiritual intelligence gives or restores people (their lost) enthusiasm for life, the will to live it joyfully and creatively, and the passion for interests and projects. Spiritual intelligence restores them the ability to appreciate the positives in life. It enables them to make a commitment to action, or to make a difference in this world and to their life.

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