Stuck in Traffic

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Kaley Laine has always been intimidated by the billionaire partners of the Pyre and Rockwell law firm, so when she's invited along for a private limo ride with the her two gorgeous bosses, she's not sure how to say no.  Not that either of  these men are used to taking 'no' for an answer...

When rush hour traffic leads to a gridlock, things quickly get steamy as the two men turn their attentions to their captive (and willing) prey... all while the downtown crowd looks on.

Warning: This 6,300-word story contains exhibitionism, public sex, double penetration, multiple partners, voyeurism, and two gorgeous billionaire bosses.


"Why don't you take a look out the sunroof and tell us how bad the traffic is?" Mr. Rockwell suggested. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. Looking out the sunroof while they stayed down below put me in a strangely vulnerable spot. They would be able to see me, but I wouldn't see them.

"Oh, I don't-" I stammered. Mr. Rockwell leaned forward and gently put his hand on my knee. I gulped. The warmth of his palm tingled up my leg to my nether regions.

"Go ahead. Tell us what you see."

"Well... okay." I handed Mr. Pyre my glass and quirked an eyebrow at the two of them. "But someone better hold my legs to keep me from falling." I flashed a playful smile. Maybe it was the gin, or the fact that I'd told them off earlier, but I was starting to feel a spark of confidence around them. It felt good to tease these two powerful, normally-untouchable men... even if it was a bit unprofessional. After all, it's not very often a girl finds herself sharing a private limousine with her two gorgeous young bosses in downtown Manhattan!

I grabbed the lip of the sunroof and hoisted myself up through the opening. The cold New York air wafted over me. 

"Yikes, wow!" I shivered and laughed. Traffic stretched in every direction. People crowded the sidewalks.  "Oh yeah, we're in a nasty gridlock," I stretched upward, standing on my tiptoes to get a better look over the sea of taxicabs and pedestrians. "It looks like we'll be stuck here a while. Do you think we should call ahead? We might be -whoaAHH!"

I sucked in my breath and clapped a hand to my mouth to keep from crying out. Something had slipped between my legs and was running up my skirt. Fingers traced up the insides of my thighs, gliding across the smooth skin at the base of my legs. They danced up and down along my panty lines.

"What the- what are you...?" I stole a glance downward, but the tight confines of the sunroof and my own billowing hair made it impossible to tell whose hands they were.

"Keep talking, Kaley. Tell us what you see," said a gravelly voice from below.

"What I... see?" Not only was I flustered, I was starting to get turned on. I felt my stomach flipping with excitement, and I realized that part of me didn't want them to stop.

The hands continued to explore, brushing across my sensitive skin as they travelled around and around. It was incredibly distracting, the way it tickled my flesh and made me blush. I tried to keep my cool.

My head was swimming. We were still several car lengths back from the nearest intersection, but people on foot were slowing as they passed to eye me curiously.  I could feel sweat forming on my brow despite the cold air, and I knew my face was flushed a deep red. I wondered if any of them guessed what was happening behind the tinted windows. The thought was strangely thrilling, and I felt an unexpected wave of arousal course through my veins.

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