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Volume 1 in the Survival Mode Series: Steen O'Mannon is a newly single forty-two year old man who is thrust into survival mode after America falls victim to an EMP attack. The survivalist-newbie awakens one morning to a dead iPhone and no running water or electricity. Outside the streets are littered with abandoned vehicles that have drifted off course and come to a halt. With no food or water coming into the city, Steen knows his best chance for survival lies outside the city limits. Clad in body armor and armed with an AR-15, he grabs his bugout bag and sets out on foot. As Steen blazes a trail through the urban jungle he leaves a pile of bodies in his wake too numerous to count. Along the way he meets an attractive young woman named Becca in desperate need of his assistance. Together they fight their way through the mean city streets amidst a catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions.

Once Steen and Becca free themselves from the city they encounter a serious survivalist who is more than prepared to deal with any crisis. Back at his high-tech compound they learn the enemy’s identity and the U.S. military’s response. But when the black helicopters bring federal agents Steen and Becca learn that people aren't always who they seem to be. Amidst unexpected plot twists and nonstop action a story unfolds of relationships forged in chaos and lives forever changed.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
7. August
Miles Baldwin

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