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Billy, a small town boy, gets his first job after high school working full time on a nearby farm. To his surprise, the supposedly straight young man finds himself getting infatuated with another worker on the farm - the blonde, muscular Jamie. Confused by his desires, he resigns himself to the fact that his fantasies can never be realized. That is, until one day when Jamie leads him into an abandoned barn and changes everything.

This is a short story of about 5,000 words that features explicit sexual content.


I finished dinner and retired to my room to read for an hour before officially hitting the hay. Just before I was about to call it a night, I heard a knock on my door. My sister came in with a piece of paper in her hands.

“So, since you know you’ll be seeing Jamie tomorrow morning, do you think you could give him this?”

She handed me the paper, a note for Jamie.
She continued, “I have had a crush on him since he and Margaret broke up, but I never see him around anymore. If you wouldn’t mind playing Cupid for a little bit I’d really appreciate it.”

“Yeah, I can. No problem,” I said. I had no good reason to say no that I felt wouldn’t seem suspicious or weird.

“Thanks, I really owe you one!"

She left without another word. Jealousy washed over me as I held my sister’s note in my hands. I wanted to be the one to give him a secret note from me, not from her. But he had been with women in the past. Obviously this was not something that was meant to be. I would just have to stew within myself and appreciate from a distance.

After she left, I turned out the lights. I just sat in bed in the dark for a moment, contemplating the situation I was now in. Every few moments, flashes of Jamie’s body entered my mind and it wasn’t long before I felt my cock filling up and becoming hard. I had it bad for this man, and as weird as I felt, it was fast becoming clear that there was nothing I could do about it.

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23. August
Xavier Cox

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