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For Centuries, Prophets have been declaring ours to be a Golden Age of Transcendence.

Either that or the end of days.

So naturally, there's good money to be made off folks who are either completely terrified or trying their best to get the hang of enlightenment. After all, in a world that's ripping through everything in a desperate search for answers about what's really going on, what's the harm in a few pay-per-view whoppers tossed around here and there? Hell, it's not as if anyone actually knows the answers anyway. Right?

Well, wouldn't you know it. Someone's just come along with a book that debunks all of our most profitable myths and legends by detailing everything that humanity has been trying to uncover about itself and its world for the last 6,000 years. And without violating a bit of logic and common sense, or tithing a nickel of faith-based dedication from anyone. So much for a golden age of profits.

TAKING DOWN THE CURTAIN starts where no published work has ever dared to venture; the very instant before the acknowledgement of an existential void. And from there it lays out the progression of natural development leading to the birth of our Creator, revealing just how much of this truth has always existed; tucked in between the celebrated touchstones of traditional secular and theological wisdom. The answers are all here, in a nuts and bolts examination of reality's brilliant elegance, including a full description of God's physical structure, and what it is that makes the human being unique in all of creation.

TAKING DOWN THE CURTAIN rips away the facades, untangles the riddles, and exposes metaphysics' crass carnival wizards for what they've always been. With unprecedented specificity and fearless authority, it presents every bit of what's always been considered unknowable, and in the end, reveals...

Who we are

What we are

Why we exist

...with all the proof you'll need to trust each powerful, groundbreaking claim.

There is, literally, no other book like it.

Religion und Spiritualität
5. Juni
Kevin Brian Carroll

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